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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I wash my wig?

At least once a week, or few times wearing with warm water. Wash more often in Summer. 
Keep your wig clean can help your wig last longer.

2. How long can your wigs last?

That totally depends on your use. Wig hair are real human hair, just like your own hair, bleaching, dying, heating, perming your hair will affect the time you use.

And an average time according to our customers feedbacks will be a year.

3. What hair products do you recommend to wash and care your wig?

Just use the products you like and with less chemical composition. Buy the shampoo and conditioner with the price you think it's acceptable and you feel like it's okay about the smell.

More information about washing and caring your wig, please read here: https://www.yuanwigs.com/help/how-to-wash-a-wig

4. How to avoid tangling?

First of all, keep your wig hair clean! Wash at least once a week with warm water.
Second, use hair conditioner when washing your wig.

5. Can I get a wig exactly like the product picture or like the YouTube or Instagram girl wearing from your company?

As we're offering different hair length, density, color, and some even different hair texture options for each hair style, so the finished wig may feel like a little different as the product pictures show, but they must have the same hair cut or hair curls.

For bob wigs, we style on a head mannequin, you might need to alter a little after putting on your own head because of different head sizes.

For wavy wigs, the waves need to maintain after washing.

And, we cannot make a wig in a shorter length and thinner density looks exactly the same as a long and thick wig, even with same hairstyle. Hope you can understand.

6. Are you selling wigs at Aliexpress.com?

No no no no!!! We never sell wigs at Aliexpress.com, any wigs labeled yuanwigs or yuan wig or yuanwig selling at aliexpress are NOTHING related to evawigs.com, and we never buy from aliexpress, some aliexpress sellers claime that they're our suppliers, that's totally makes no sense.