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  • Explanations of Custom Options
    Post time: 07-10-2018

    1. Hair Color We have 36+ colors for our customers to choose from, but some colors are not available for some hairstyles because: (1) Bright colors can not hold the curls as well as dark colors, but you can wand curl your hair. (2) Kinky and yaki hair only has dark colors available. (3...Read more »

  • The Best Hairstyle for Your Faceshape
    Post time: 07-10-2018

    Have you ever tried to get a hairstyle that you saw it online, or just on your favorite celebrity, and you told your stylist to do your hair like that, but you sometimes just found it look so ridiculous on you in the end. I think it’s probably because you have no idea that face shapes have a lot...Read more »

  • How to Put on a Wig
    Post time: 07-10-2018

    Step1: Twist out your hair.  Step2: Cut the extra lace along the hairline carefully after you are sure to keep your wig. (You must keep the wig in original condition if you would like a return or exchange.) Step3: Put on wig cap and push a little back to expose about 1 inch of your own ...Read more »

  • The Differences Between Full Lace Cap, 360 Lace Cap and Lace Front Cap
    Post time: 07-10-2018

    So many customers who are new to wig, are confusing about capconstructions, here we list the 3 main kinds of caps, you can comparethe pros and cons to choose the most suitable one. And all the capconstructions we can offer are listed here: https://www.yuanwigs.com/help/lace-wig-cap-construction-t...Read more »

  • Lace Wig Cap Construction Types
    Post time: 07-10-2018

    There are three main kinds of cap constructions, full lace cap, 360 lace cap and lace front cap, if you'd like to compare the differences between them, please read here: https://www.yuanwigs.com/help/the-differences-between-full-lace-cap-360-lace-cap-and-lace-front-cap Here we list all the ...Read more »

  • 10 Tips for How to Care and Store Your Wig
    Post time: 07-10-2018

      Many customers are asking how to care their wigs, here we summered up 10 tips that may help you better care and store your wig. 1. Detangle before washing with wide teethed comb from hair ends to root. Never comb roughly from the hair root, that will cause shedding. 2. Wash your wig...Read more »

  • How to Wash a Wig
    Post time: 07-10-2018

    Everyone who often wearing a wig should know how to wash a wig, now let's start the topic with a few frequently asked questions.  Q. How often should I wash my wig? A. If you wear your wig every day, at least once a week is recommended. If you do not use often, wash after a few t...Read more »

  • How to Get Your Wig Cap Size
    Post time: 07-10-2018

    Normally, we need to measure six sizes to find our best fit cap size, here's the details. 1.Circumference (The Most Important Size):Measure all around the head. Position tape measure so its edge follows the hairline around the head and nape of the neck.2.Front to Nape:Measure from hairline ...Read more »