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About Us


  • New Forever stands for American Beauty Hair. We are a team of hair extensions experts passionate about individuality, unique classic and trending styles, freedom of expression through beauty, dedicated to providing the best quality products at very affordable and reasonable prices, catering to satisfied customers in the USA and all countries worldwide. Our goal is to offer everyday individuals who want to look and feel good without having to go to the salon to get their hair done or spend a lot of money to get that; women who are not professional stylists but want to achieve their favorite celebrity look without having to pay celebrity stylist sky high rates.

  • We believe beauty shouldn't come with a price, that's why we offer FREE SHIPPING for all qualified US orders without a minimum purchase.


  • New Forever strives to provide the highest quality human hair extensions, weft and wig at unbeatable prices worldwide, combined with frequent sales, discounts, promotions and backed by expert customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. Our 3 levels of quality – GOOD, BETTER, and BEST – have been uniquely designed and balanced to fit your individual style requirements for weight, volume and budget. We guarantee our hair types, styles and textures to be current and up to date with hair industry standards so it's quality you can always count on and keep coming back to.


  • Low quality and oftentimes low priced hair is placed in an acid bath to completely destroy the cuticles. Because acid hair has no natural shine, it is covered with a silicon layer to give it a smooth, shiny look. The problem occurs after washing, when the silicon comes off and the hair becomes dry and easily tangles.

  • Good quality hair does not need an acid bath.Our entire line of clip-in hair extensions,virgin weft

  •  hair, and human hair wig are all 100% human hair that has not been treated with an acid bath.

  • Cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction making it shiny, soft and manageable, enhancing smoothness while maintaining its natural structure as sourced.

  • The secret to our competitive pricing is in our unique ability to source our hair directly with professional manufacturers who understand through years of experience the ever growing, constant evolving hair industry. We do not use third party sources or unnecessary middle men and these savings are passed on to you.

  • In addition to our meticulously chosen quality driven products and strategically reasonable prices, our team of knowledgeable and professionally trained customer satisfaction representatives are always available to assist you from the moment you need help deciding on which hair extensions or products fit you, to how to care and extend their use.

  • With our team of industry experts consisting of professional hair stylists, hair extensions specialists, licensed educators and hair aficionados,New Forever  is with you to combat and say bye bye to bad hair days once and for all.

  • Let us make everyday a great hair day for you!